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Stylish covers for your UAV's!

About Us

Founded by Derrick Craddock Sr. & Derrick Craddock Jr., DroneSkinz, LLC is a brand built to create & innovate the entire UAV Drone industry. The mission of DroneSkinz™ is to provide a cool, inexpensive, & stylish skin for UAV's that will appeal to the entire Drone Community.

About The Founders:

Derrick Craddock Sr.
Hello, my name is Derrick Craddock Sr., I am the founder of DroneSkinz. I have created, developed, and perfected DroneSkinz to get to where they are today. I am a freelance photographer, drone pilot, and an entrepreneur.   I also have a knack for developing and designing things.  I  have always been fascinated with flight so I after wrecking several planes and helicopters I had almost given up on this expensive hobby.  Then came the Parrot AR Drone.  Now my hobby took on a whole new life.  This is how DroneSkinz was discovered.  With the help of my son DJ (Derrick Jr.) and his creative talents, we were able to refine DroneSkinz and make them marketable. We are prepared to work hard to make DroneSkinz a household name to all hobbyist,  gamers, and AR Drone fliers alike.  Thank you for taking the time to read more about me and my dream.
Derrick Craddock Jr.
Hey everyone, I'm Derrick Craddock Jr. I have worked with my Dad with the manufacturing of DroneSkinz. I am also the guy in charge of web design, public relations, and also marketing. I'm currently enrolled in college at Philadelphia University working on my degree in Business Administration. Creating my own business has always been a dream of mine. Thanks for all your help! It's extremely appreciated!