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Stylish covers for your UAV's!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.   What drone brands do you design skins for?


Parrot AR Drone 1 & 2
DJI Phantom 1, 2, & 3
Yuneec Typhoon (G) Q500
Standard Sized ZMR 230 & 250 Mini Drone



DJI Phantom 4
Parrot Bebop 1 & 2
Tiny Whoop
Autel Robotics X-Star Premium
Please feel free to let us know if you would like to become a tester for our CURRENTLY BEING TESTED products.


Q.  What exactly are DroneSkinz?

A. DroneSkinz are a simple and attractive solution to changing the look your drone.   DroneSkinz is a handmade Durable, Reusable, as well as Aesthetically pleasing cover (or skin) that allows you to quickly customize the look of your drone.  In this fast paced world, DroneSkinz takes the hassle out of customizing your drone...in seconds!


Q.  What are DroneSkinz made of?

A.  Believe it or not but DroneSkinz are made of various (very durable) stretch fabrics such as Spandex, Lycra®,  and Elastine material.  Each and every DroneSkinz is handmade from the finest light- weight material. 


Q.  What tools are needed to apply DroneSkinz?

A.  Yaaaaa! No tools are needed. Depending on the brand of drone you own, it only takes seconds to install and remove.  Installation vids coming soon!


Q.  What are DroneSkinz made of?

A.  DroneSkinz are made of various durable stretch fabrics such as Spandex, Lycra®,  and Elastine material.  Each and every DroneSkinz is handmade from the finest light- weight material. 


Q.  How much does a single DroneSkinz weigh?

A.  DroneSkinz weigh approximately 11 grams.  Depending on density of the fabric and the design being used (especially if custom painted) a DroneSkinz skin could weigh between 8 and 15 grams. 


Q.  Will DroneSkinz affect the performance of my drone in any way?

A.  No.  We vigorously test our skins to ensure that every brand we design them to fly for will not be affected. 

AR Drone, DJI Phantom 1, 2, & 3, as well as 230/250 Mioni FPV frames flight characteristics are never compromised.    


Q.  I have an idea for a customized skin.  Is that possible, and how much will it cost?

A.  Yes.  We are excited to announce that we are working hard to introduce a new innovative way to create your very customization to your skin.  The Application is called Hypercycle.  We will soon be offering more information (like price, etc) about the Hypercycle app process.  Stay tuned.  In the meantime, feel free to email us a small description  of what you have in mind.  We love a challenge so bring it on!


Q.  Do you ship internationally?

A.  Absolutely. We ship First Class Mail - Worldwide via USPS.  Shipping charges and transit times can be estimated after you place items in your cart.  You will receive a tracking number once your item(s) are shipped.  We are working very hard to get the price of shipping reduces but unfortunately shipping prices is something that is beyond our control.


Q.  Is there a money back guarantee? 

A.  Yes.  We stand behind by all workmanship and defects of our DroneSkinz products.  If you are not completely satisfied with our product please contact us immediately and we will do everything in our power to resolve any issues you may have.  If you still are not satisfied, we will refund your purchase upon receipt of your returned skin.